If you face an evergrowing list of problems, you should not try to manage them anymore. You have to find the way how to solve them. More than 100 companies are regularly using our help in problem solving.

Signals of poor problem solving capabilities

There are many different signals, that the problems are not being solved properly in your company. Let us mention just some of them:
• One and the same problem occurs regularly. You have even standards to deal with it once it occurs.
• We tried to solve certain problem many times, but the numbers are still not getting better.
• Neither the process lead time, nor the stock levels are getting better after the problem solving workshop.
• There is no clear procedure for problem solving in your company.
• Problems are being solved only the reactive way.
• You are missing the documentation about problem solving.
• The problem solving does not end in a change of process standard, maintenance standard, quality standard or work procedure.

And there are many other examples. However, we would like to provide you with solutions instead of feeling that something is not working well. See, what we offer you in Problem Solving.