Are you looking for a course in process optimization, quality, project management, soft skills, or other special topic? FBE trained over 200 000 participants with a satisfactoin rate of 89% since the year 1991.

FBE delivers courses not only in English or German, but in local languages, too. This enables us to deliver training for global board members and for common line employees as well. But we do not only adjust the language spoken, we also adjust the language of how we deliver the information. 

Topics for the training:
• If you are looking for training in Lean Management and Process Optimizing you can choose the appropriate topic here.
• For Quality related topics, please have a look here and if you are specially looking for Lean Six Sigma jump directly to this page.
• You can learn more about Project Management and related courses here.
• If you need some basic soft skills training, leadership training or coaching, visit this page.
• We offer you some special topics, too. Visit this page to get an overview which fields are we touching with our special topics. For industry 4.0 related topics, you can jump directly to this page.
General information on training and courses can be found here.