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The training is focused on developing the participants’ ability to effectively cooperate in a team. Sound labor relations, ability to search for joint solutions and necessary trade-offs are the prerequisites for maximum use of cooperation potential. Ability to coordinate in team is a social skill that needs to be learned. This course is dedicated to development of these skills, utilizing interactive team games and exercises.

FBE 20180404 GH5 209


• Learn how to improve the level of cooperation in the team.
• Understand the causes of team dysfunctions.
• Improve in the effective exchange of information.
• Learn how to provide open feedback / express pleasant as well as less pleasant things


Focus on people
• Getting to know colleagues.
• When collaboration is the best way, the benefits of cooperation.
• Types of employees and how to cooperate with them.

Integrity and reliability
• Reliability and trust as a basis for cooperation.
• Team dysfunctions.
• Principles of agreements about tasks, agreements and commitments.

Building a good atmosphere in the team
• Healthy working atmosphere in the team.
• Clarifying expectations.
• How to develop creative and productive atmosphere in the team and how we can destroy it.

Direct communication
• Dimensions of behaviour.
• Me in the communication.
• Providing of mutual feedback, positive and negative.
• The PPP Method.