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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to welcome you to our pages and express how glad I am that you have shown interest in our services. Firstly, let me give you some information about FBE.

FBE is an abbreviation of "For Business Excellence" and the idea of a business excellence, to which we have been uncompromisingly faithful since 1991. In fact, we have built our reputation solely on our clients’ satisfaction and by helping companies to be among the best. As a result of our training and consultancy, more than a hundred of the world's leading companies, banks and other institutions have achieved significant success. (FBE Clients)

The services of FBE can be divided into several areas:
a) Consultation in areas of process optimization and quality improvement
b) Project management and project consulting
c) Leadership and Coaching of Leaders
d) General soft skills, ie. communication, sales, or negotiation
e) Training in all the areas mentioned above and exchange of best practices

We combine our services for the benefit of our clients in specialized, yet highly requested combinations of topics, such as communication with auditors, process risk analysis for financial institutions, or strategic planning for Industry 4.0 and similar. FBE is a founding member of the international consulting network SPIN. As a member of SPIN, we offer advice, as well as workshops or trainings in English, German and more than 25 other languages. (FBE Numbers and Facts)

Perhaps you are now asking yourself what distinguishes us from the other consulting companies. The answer is simple: all successes are based on the experience of our consultants, who work at FBE for over 15 years on average. After 28 years of existence, the annual turnover rate of the consulting team in FBE is only 0.61%. That's why our clients always get only the best services and the corresponding know-how, and they often return for more. Do you need more convincing? We are at your disposal.
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     Daniel Laco
     Managing Partner