FBE founded: 1991
Fluctuation rate of consultants: 0.61% annual average since 1991
Current consultants' work experiences at FBE: 15.4 years on average

Co-operation with Clients
More than 20 years long co-operation: with 25 clients
More than 10 years long co-operation: with 70+ clients

Total numbers

fbe 0a   SPIN in total

fbe 0b   FBE in total

 fbe spin world

fbe 1 cons
    Number of consultants.

fbe 2 backoff
    Number of back office employees.

fbe 3 langua
    Languagaces spoken.

fbe 4 countr
    Into how many countries did we delivered last year.

fbe 5 clients
    Number of repeating clients.