The range of our services in the field of leadership, coaching and soft skills is very broad. It covers all the most common methods as well as various special topics.

Traditional ones include topics like situational leadership, definition of vision and mission in an organization, leadership of management teams, empowerment, coaching for leaders and many more. The less traditional ones are, for example, leadership with horses or simulations with so-called escape rooms.

We also offer traditional development programs such as communication, time management, presentation skills, sales, delegation, stress management, negotiation, and at least 20 others. Some of our programs can be described as a specialty, such as the communication with an auditor, soft aspects in 5S implementation or ownership in TPM. These are often tailored to the needs of our clients.

All in all - Hard topics without Soft Skills are difficult to implement, and coaching plays always a central role in this regard.

Coaching also plays a central role. Our offer regarding coaching contains:
Coaching meetings for improvement projects
One-to-one coaching for leaders and managers
Shadowing of managers with feedback and subsequent coaching
Coaching of staff teams, team leaders and supervisors
Training in coaching others (for the leader positions)

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