In addition to consulting and training, the technological support of clients rounds off our range of services. It is a wide set of various options, starting with software solutions, designing the production lines and halls, up to individual elements of Industry 4.0.

As a part of supporting Six Sigma and quality oriented projects, we developed a Microsoft Excel macro already in the 1990s. This macro helps many companies with statistical process management methods or Six Sigma. These include companies such as Volkswagen, Magna, Miba, Mondi, Johnson Controls, U.S. Pat. Steel or T-Mobile.

XbarR chart AUstat regulation

FBE is also a partner of the company Minitab and thus all projects and processes can be supported within this software as well. However, if you use other software packages for SPC and Six Sigma, we will be happy to adapt.

Value Stream Management is currently enjoying great popularity. No wonder, it is a cornerstone of Total Flow Management. Nevertheless, there are only a few software solutions for this method. While some solutions allow you to draw value-stream maps, it still remains just a drawing, with limited ability to manage the value stream on a daily basis. However, supporting Total Flow Management requires a solution that can evaluate the data on a regular and, above all, frequent basis. We have developed exactly such solution for our clients. The second generation of the software is web-based and thus also independent from the operating system. The data can be collected automatically by sensors, but also reported, for example, by team leaders simply by phone on a regular basis.

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Furthermore, we also offer the possibility to taylor the software solutions to the special requirements of our clients. For example, for VW we have developed the evaluation of paint processes in series production or accuracy testing of cockpit assembly in pilot series production.