Do we need special topics?
ms2We at FBE know very well that the standardized topics do not match all the needs of our clients. That is why we do not rely solely on standardized products and we do not only customise the standard products of the worldwide market. Although our clients appreciate the customization a lot, we always do some further steps to increase their satisfaction and to bring them to a new level, showing wider horizons. We always try to come up with special new topics, like Leadership with horses, or Blockchain utilization for Supply Chains. We also adopt new methods from our international partners, verify them, and then bring them to our clients (for example the popular DiSC® typology).

So what do we offer?
The list of our special topics is pretty long. To give you some examples:circuits s
• Popular DiSC® typology (soft skills related)
• Leadership with Horses (soft skills related)
• You can count on me (soft skills related) read more...
• Communication with auditor (communication and soft skills related)
• Blockchain utilization in Supply Chains (Industry 4.0 and SCM related)
• Use of Artificial Neural Networks (Industry 4.0 and Statistical Process Control related)
• Total price of Supply Chain Management (SCM and financial management related)
• Online process control (SPC and Industry 4.0 related)
• Passion for detail (Quality related)
• Specialized communication topics like Debt collection (communication related)