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Introducing a production system is always about finding the right methods and ways of implementation. Implementation of the respective procedures in pilot areas precedes the widespread deployment throughout the large number of factories and other departments:

1.) First, the effectiveness is tested under all industry-specific conditions in a first plant. If necessary, some methods are adapted to achieve better efficiency.
2.) Shortly thereafter the implementation follows in the next plant. In doing so, we look at how these two plants differ and where further adjustments are needed.
3.) During the next step, the exact procedures are presented to the wider management (of all plants).
4.) We proceed with two to three other plants, which confirm the direction.
5.) Only then will our international partners implement the same methods and procedures in next plants.
6.) Our role is not only to accomplish the implementation, but also to supervise the consistency of the global implementation.

Our experience in implementing production systems and similar programs encompasses more than 20 years. The example shows such an implementation in company with continuous production, primarily in the construction industry.