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Marlink is a leading provider of end-to-end connectivity and IT solutions. To provide a reliable satellite internet for ocean cruise-lines or coverage for remote regions and locations requires flawless infrastructure as well as high flexibility and excellent customer service.

The overall goal is a high quality of global customer service and communication. To achieve this objective a development program was developed in collaboration with the responsible managers. The development program is designed for customer service and hotline agents, technicians and specialist in contact with customers as well as the customer administration staff. It is divided into practically oriented instructor-led training modules and supported by an e-learning material. To ensure the aligned level and high standard of customer communications worldwide, the program is deployed at Marlink customer centers in Europe (Slovakia, France, Netherlands, Norway), Asia (Singapore) and USA (Houston).

EEven though the development program lasted two years (2018 and 2019) we are very delighted that the appreciation and feedback from the participants is very positive. The achieved improvements in the customer communication started to contribute to the customer feedback trends and business experience metrics.

Blaise Francisco, Program Manager for Operations, Marlink BV: "The level of cooperation that we have with FBE, combined with their expertise and constant efforts to create better experience for the trainings, have made our partnership very successful. The trainees gave the training a very positive score and have since been asking for more."