In addition to our business clients, we also take care of those who have not been so fortunate in life. Social responsibility lies close to our hearts.

FBE is involved in many non-profit activities. Several are related to improving the school system and education generally. Others are aiming on the system improvement for disadvantaged social groups. We do not only support by providing the funds, we support with our direct involvement, too.

Supporting several elementary and high schools non profit logos
• Narnia - network of elementary schools in many cities
• Special elementary school, Ruzinovska in Prague
• Elementary school in Nairobi, Kenya
• CS Lewis - network of high schools
• ETS College
• Nexteria - coaching and developing future leaders not only based on knowledge, but also on moral values (London, Prague and Bratislava)
• Comenius Institute in Prague
• Abatop & MOST - prevention of sociopatological ​phenomens, school discussions
• Teach for Slovakia and Teach for US (and other countries) - teaching and education for the disadvantaged social groups
• D3 - mentoring and non-formal education of students, teachers and leaders of NGOs 
• SPPR Young Crew - development of young project managers

Other non-profit activities
• Navrat - re-integration of children from orphanages into normal families
• Ten Senses Africa - Combating women's unemployment in underdeveloped countries
• Teen Challange Internarional - help for drug addicted
• AB Help - transportation for handicaped people
• Nablizku - home hospice
• Diakonie CCE - Center for distressed mothers
• Porta Libri - support for books publishing
• Betania - family type social services for older and handicaped people