There are many different methods for problem solving.problemsolving Wesplit the methods according to the following two attributes:
1.) reactive vs. preventive approach
2.) free of algorithm vs. strongly structured approach

Reactive methods and free of algorithm methods: 
• Brainstorming
• Kaizen or Ideas suggestion systems

Reactive methods, but structured (scale of structured problem solving might vary):
• 8D
• A3 and problem solving story

Preventive, but free of problem solving structure or algorithm:
• Problem solving based on Shop Floor Management
• FMEA (there is a fixed procedure for determining the risk as a potential problem, but not for the problem solving itself)
• Statistical Problem Control

Preventive methods with problem solving structure:
• Six Sigma with DMAIC, or Design for Six Sigma
• Design of Experiments and Experiments for Artificial Intelligence
• Professional Benchmarking 

We offer you our services and support in all of these methods. Furthermore, we can provide you with systems, that institutionalise the Problem Solving in your company:
• Shop Floor Management with problem solving focus
• Problem solving rules and escalation rules for problem solving
Problem catalogue for sharing of solutions across your company and for monitoring problem occurrence
• External moderation of problem solving workshops
• Training of your internal problem solving moderators
• Setting up a new failure prevention process in your company