FBE can provide you with a full range of services linked to a company strategy. Based on your needs, we can support you in the creation of the following elements for you company:
• Vision of your company or the whole group
• Mission of your company (or of each company in the group)
• Values for the whole group
• Policy deployment and strategic planning of the whole group, company or for special areas of your company
• Critical Success Factors of the whole group or single companies
• Defining the longer term targets and breakthrough events
• KPIs deployment and management of KPIs
• Improvement priorities and improvement projects for the upcoming year

strategic plan

The general statement of what the company or the groups want to achieve in the midterm future of 5-10 years. There are two ways how to create the vision statement based on the maturity of the company and its employees. There is also a difference between the internal vision and external vision for customers.

The way in which the company wants to achieve the Vision is called its Mission. It is usually an extension of the vision statement, that focuses on the most important parameters.

Values are usually being implemented on the general group level. There are several ways how to define the values, but if your company has some history, you should not forget about it and involve your employees in the process of definition as well.

Policy deployment or hoshin kanri
This method helps to transform the qualitative statements of vision and mission into achievable goals. There are several sub steps, starting with the definition of Critical Success Factors, continuing with the longer term targets or breakthrough events for these critical success factors. Sunsequently, the stucture of KPIs needs to be created and a break-down of all KPIs is needed (until they reach the operations level). The last step is the translation of the improvement priorities into measurable targets for each and every improvement activity.

What are the benefits of strategic management and planning?
Do you need to determine the total price of your Supply Chain?
Are you planning to increase the automation level in your processes?
Is there a need to implement a new business model or to penetrate new markets?
Are there some major changes in your product portfolio?
Are you implementing worldwide production system?
... all of these situations, and many other, are creating a lot of confusion in the employees. Change management works, but not if you do not have proper strategy. In fact, your company should always have strategic management, otherwise your employees will not be convinced about where the whole company is going. Once you introduce proper strategic planning, your employees start to understand how they can contribute to the company’s success on their own. And that is the main benefit, because once the employees understand the strategy, the whole company can achieve the highest targets, strategic goals and the vision.