Why to conduct the training with FBEtb1
When it comes to training and courses with personal attendance, FBE belongs to the most experienced companies around the world. Our experience is reflected in the exceptionally high satisfaction rate of participants. Since 1991 FBE has trained well over 200 000 participants on four continents. Meanwhile, the average satisfaction score of the participants' feedback was 89% (average score is 8.9 out of 10 in all categories of the feedback). Although we do not have any precise global statistics, we are proud of our achievements. But what makes us even more proud is the fact that our participants regularly return and ask for further training with FBE.

Open courses vs. Company internal courses 
There are two keytypes of training provided by FBEPZ SPECIAL I
• Open courses with mixed groups of participants from different companies. These are conducted at a neutral venue (either in our own training center or in a hotel for better access for participants). Advantages: possibility to meet new people and exchange experience with other companies. This is a more economical alternative if you need training for just 1-2 employees.
• Company internal courses that are usually held at the company premises and where only employees of that company can participate. Advantages: the possibility to focus on the company's needs more in detail and to use the internal data of the company. Ideally, the company internal courses should be delivered as a workshop with pilot implementation.

FBE provides both of these training types and is at your disposal to advise the most suitable alternative for you.

Quality assurance of training provided by FBE
The qualityof our services, including training, is our highest commitment. Itis the main reason why clients choose a certain company for a training. We do not fight our competitors with the lowest prices; we built our competitiveness on an outstanding expertise and ability to fulfil the needs of our customers. We implement several methods to guarantee the quality of provided training:
1.) All of our trainers and lecturers are experts who have implemented the methods and topics of the training many times in practice. Furthermore, our trainers and consultants exchange the know-how on a regular (monthly) basis - we are a team, not individuals
2.) The secondment of our experts. We make sure that even in the worst case scenario (long term sickness, etc.), there is always a lecturer available at the same skills level.
3.) We are compliant with all the major norms that are applicable in particular fields, i.e. IATF169494, ISO, IPMA® or PMI®, etc. We regularly perform the benchmarking, comparing our knowledge level to the requirements of international bodies, such as ASQ (American Society for Quality), ICF (International Coach Federation), or Shingo Prize. Many of our courses are Accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport.
4.) Within our international consulting network SPIN, we require our participants to reach the same skill level prior of issuing a certain certificate.
5.) What was enough yesterday, does not need to be enough tomorrow. We are a learning organization and therefore we know that our quality needs to grow continuously. Stagnation is not an option for us.
6.) We always work closely together with our clients on their requirements before the training starts. Any type of feedback after the training is just too late (although we are using it to improve our training for the next run). 

Hands on training
Our general approach is to stay pragmatic regarding theory and very hands-on. Rather than covering all the known theory we focus on showing real life examples and exercises based on real life experiences. We prefer reasonable levels of flexibility and explaining. Principles, instead of struggling with the dogmatic paralysis. This is why we do not distinguish between consultants and trainers. All of our trainers are experts with years of experience with implementation in real life.