FBE is a founding member of the international consulting network SPIN. It is an abbreviation of Sustainable Performance Improvement Network. Together we offer our clients an international know-how, which we adapt according to local conditions.

SPIN has a total of 150 consultants who can implement the projects in 25 languages worldwide. Below you can see all countries, where we delivered projects and helped our clients in recent years:
fbe spin world
Blue colored are countries, where FBE directly delivered projects last few years. Green colored are countries, where other SPIN companies delivered projects in recent years.

The network has been formed in the year of 2007 and since that time we regularly work together to reach customers' satisfaction on many diferent fields. Our teams support clients with joined forces everywhere it is needed. Currently SPIN consists of following six companies:
• Actio
• Catalyst
• LeanQ Team
• Quaternaire
• U-Quadrat (U2)

Below you can see the map of 11 offices of SPIN accross Europe. The number of offices is growing almost every other year. For more statistics, you can jump directly to the page Numbers and Facts.
spin map eng
These are only the European offices. Some members of SPIN have their offices outside of Europe as well.

Within SPIN we co-operate on delivering improvements and othe projects for our customers globaly, but in the local language. Our clients highly appreciate the possibility to work standardized way on a group level on one hand side, and understanding the local culture or specifications on the other side.

management randevouz
Management Randevouz - annual conference organized in Paris. Moderators are Nicolas Houillon (Quaternaire) and Rita Green (Catalyst), one of the speakers on podium is Daniel Laco (FBE).

Developing new methods and application of new tools is essential for any learning organization. We consder SPIN as a "learning network." That means, that we develop tools and methods together and together we also share the knowledge from certain projects.
digital cockpit
Implementing the digital cockpit. On picture are SPIN members from Quaternaire, LeanQ Team, and Actio.

Another example of co-operation between SPIN companies is the share of knowledge. SPIN supports at least 7 OEM brands in automotive and more than 70 automotive suppliers. Therefor it is important to constantly search for new opportunities for improvement, utilizing the cutting edge know-how of all SPIN companies.
workshop vw
Workshop at Volkswagen with all SPIN companies participating.